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Good underwear, underwear without tightening. Please remember.

Not to mention being a traditional underwear in Japan, it is important that the important thing is not under “history” or “culture”, but underwear you can get open and healthy everyday.

A loincloth is a very gentle undergarment.
It has a soft touch of natural fiber and a gentle comfort like wrapping around with fluffy.

Why do not you spend a relaxing time with a special opening feeling, surrounding your body and mind with a tired body?

Characteristics of FUNDOSHI

The biggest feature is that there is no tightening.
If there is excessive tightening in the abdomen and the soaked area, it is said that it will cause trouble unique to women such as “cold” and “edema (swelling)”, which impedes the flow of lymph and blood flow.

Since the loincloth is not tightened by rubber, it is said to be effective for improving these troubles. Many such voices are also being brought up even in the product reviews of our shop.

In addition, the material is also composed mainly of natural fibers, characterized by good ventilation and good touch.
It is also supported by people who are concerned about skin (atopy etc.), trouble of delicate zone, darkening of panty line etc.

Wearing scene

Although a loincloth is one of underwear, you do not need to loose everything in life.

You can experience the goodness of a lingerie just by using it as a night inner for relaxing time of the bath or at bedtime.
During the active days of active activities, wearing the usual underwear and using only loincloth night only “style only at night” is popular.
Of course, there is no problem with the function as an underwear even at all-time lovers.

We are preparing various types of loincloths according to their lifestyle and scene in Seapius, so we are sure to be able to find one piece of your favorite.

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