Oshare Fukushige Specialty Store Seapiece (Representative: Atsushi Okamura / Minoh City, Osaka Prefecture) officially sells ‘Female Stretch Lace Foot Clothing Shorts’ which was designed for everyday use while maintaining the comfort of the loincloth from December 10 It started.

Seapius (representative: Atsushi Okamura / Minoh City, Osaka) who sells a cute original piece of loincloth popularly popular among women want to wear loincloths without discomfort even during the day! We started selling shorts type loincloths from customers’ voice.

Shorts-style loincloth launched
■ Stretch Lace Fitness Shorts
Price: 1500 yen (excluding tax)
Purchase method: Rakuten, Amazon, selling on site
There is no rubber tightening in the loincloth, blood circulation and lymph flow are improved, it is said that it is good for health. Also, as you sleep at night you can sleep comfortably and pleasantly open, it is also popular as a knight inner. This time the project started based on the voice “I want to wear even during the day” of those who have been addicted to the comfort of such a loincloth.
Because the detachment in the toilet etc. is a little troublesome, the most likely to wear a string tied is a slightly unsuitable specification during the active day. So from June he repeated trial and error with the exclusive craftsmaker, and the store manager monitored prototypes of dozens of clothes, and the current model was completed. The most important point is to adopt stretch lace with elasticity for the waist part. I finished it into a type that can be worn in a clinging sensation. Of course, we do not use rubber for the Sokai section, we keep an open wearing feeling.
We performed limited sales at monitor prices prior to official sales this time, we recorded about 150 sale in 2 weeks. There are many people who wish to repeat already, orders have been ordered even at regular price.
In the general public, if you say loincloth, there is an image of “older men ‘s,” but in reality it is a new underwear approaching female beauty and health. I would like to have more interest in as many people as possible, and we have released this time.
For details, please visit our website.
【What is Seapiece? 】
In Septius, in November 2014 Rakuten market shop opened with dozens of original loincloths with one hand. We sell more than 4,000 pieces of loincloth per year only at our own internet shop, and next year we aim to sell more than 10,000 pieces. In addition, we plan to have a large selection of female body-friendly items such as cloth napkins in the future.
■ Fashionable Loinchi Specialty Store Seapiece Summary
Company Name: Out World
Establishment: March 2014
Representative: Atsushi Okamura
Business description: Planning, manufacturing and sales of fashionable loincloth
Head Office Address: 2-3-12 Kayano, Minoh City, Osaka Prefecture 562-0014

【Inquiries concerning this matter】
Company Name: Out World
Contact name: Okamura Atsushi