A joint company Outworld (location: Minoo City, Osaka Prefecture, Atsushi Okamura), who is engaged in planning, manufacturing and selling of fashionable loincloth, announced on September 28, 2017, “Small and medium enterprises Based on the Act on Promotion of New Business Activities (hereinafter referred to as the “Small Business New Business Activity Promotion Act”), we will inform you that we have obtained approval from Osaka Prefecture for the Management Innovation Plan.


【Theme of Management Innovation】
Planning and development of women’s shorts that are not tightened and highly designed

【background】Our company is a company that conducts “fashionable loincloth” that arranges loincloths in contemporary style from product development to sales with women as the main target. Because it has no tightening by rubber, it is a perfect short for sleeping and so on, relieving women’s specific troubles such as coldness and swelling. However, the impression of the word “loincloth” worn by the original man is strong, and the psychological purchase hurd is high. So I created a plan to plan and sell shorts for women who are less tightened newly this time. In the inner market, demand for underwear that is gently tightened on the body is increasing, and it is estimated that it will continue in the future, as a company that can provide a corporate concept “comfort close to life”, living a lot of women I will advance this program so that it will be comfortable.

In this project, we will produce new women’s shorts developed with our own sewing method with less tightening. In order to maintain a fit and durability, general shorts are sewn into a gathered shape while stretching elastic material (rubber etc.) in the waist or groin area, but this leads to tightening more than necessary. The new product of this time adopted micro tape in the stretch part, sewing without stretching the tape, realized improvement of durability and wearing feeling after losing tightening without limitation. In addition, by adopting a race on the front, it realized high designability, making it easy for women to use without hesitation even in daily life. We plan to develop a large number of series based on the model of “Ultimate Fitness Shorts” Jolie Lapin “that makes the women beautiful without tightening and achieving the project in May of the same year in the cloud funding.

【What’s Sheepeace®?】
Sea Piece sells items that are friendly to women’s body with the concept of “peace close to life”. We have sold more than 20,000 original original inner nether shops only for our inner shop, we also do wholesale to department stores and specialty shops.
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【店舗概要】Company Name: Limited Liability Company Out World
Shop name: Fashionable Loinchi Specialty Sheepeace (Sea Piece)
Establishment: November 2016 (founded: March 2014)
Representative: Atsushi Okamura
Business description: Planning, manufacturing and sales of original inner
Head Office Address: 2-3-12 Kayano, Minoh City, Osaka Prefecture 562-0014