As a new sensation shorts pursuing loincloth comfort from November 2, “Outepark (Osaka Prefecture Minoo City, representative employee: Atsushi Okamura), who is engaged in planning, manufacturing and selling of fashionable loincloth,” Sheepeace shorts ★ Flora Series “for sale in a directly managed net shop.


I am Mr. Okamura Atsushi (representative employee: Okamura Atsushi), a joint-venture company that plans to manufacture, sell and sell fashionable loincloth from March, in Minoh City, Osaka Prefecture. In order to provide a body-friendly lifestyle with the theme of “peace close to life,” we have developed “Fashionable Futoshi” and “Non-tightening shorts” that arrange traditional loincloths in contemporary style, Type, we sell about 200 types. We have developed the “Sea Peace Shorts Flora Series” which allows us to taste the ultimate feeling of liberation over the course of about a year based on the voice of 3,000 people (questionnaire). From November, we will release it on our website (our website, Rakuten, Amazon, Yahoo etc.).

● Sheepeace® shorts ★ Flora series

1. 【Customer target】 “Child-rearing mother”
Details ⇒ Mothers from 25 years old to about 40 years old during child rearing

2. 【Concept】 “Curiosity” × “Product”
Details ⇒ Products that combine both goodness of design and design

3. [Strength] (WONDER) “New Discovery”
Details ⇒ Popularity of designs invisible in loincloth and sense of liberation of Sokai Department

4. [Point of release]

Comparison criteria Common shorts Sheepeace® (new product)
①Material Nylon, polyester, etc. Cotton 100% (natural fiber)
③Sense of freedom ★★ ★★★★★
④Producing area Made domestically and made abroad Domestic production
⑤Price (excluding tax) about 1500JPY 2000JPY

· In recent years a lot of fashionable and cute items have been released as underwear that provides a healthy life mainly for ladies.
· Since there is no tightening of the loincloth, it does not disturb the flow of blood and lymph, it can expect the effect of relieving women’s specific troubles such as coldness and swelling.
· Although the new product has high design, it retains the comfort that is not tightening, which is also a feature of the loincloth, realizing a sense of wearing comfort while fitting.

5.【Reason for starting this product / service】When my wife was chronically suffering from coldness and swelling, I happened to hear that “loincloth” is good, and when my shy wife forced me to wear it forcibly, the symptoms were alleviated in a few days. In order to deliver this surprise and excitement to a lot of people, the couple combined the power and started planning and selling fashionable and cute loose clothes.

In this time, there are many requests for short style type products that can be worn without discomfort even in everyday life, it took over a year to develop shortness which is highly designed, maintaining functionality and not tightening. Through this product, we will tell more people the joy of being released from daily worries and stress. We also plan to continue business development with the development of overseas etc. in view.

■ Representative (Atsushi Okamura) background
· Born in January 1982
· Osaka University of Arts and Crafts and Ceramics Course
· He joined as a founding staff of planning and selling company of snow equipment in Heisei 2005 after working as a sales company of a design company. We launched the net selling department and become the core business of the company. Established Out-World in Heisei 20 years Heisei era corporation into a 28-year-old company

■ Other (Patent / awards etc.)
· Procurement of investment funds in February business in Heisei era2004 cloud funding
· Adopted small-scale business sustainability subsidy in Heisei 20
· Osaka regional creation fund adopted in Heisei 28
· Heisei 28-year nomination good prize nomination for anan body (posted)
· Adopted small business subsidy subsidies in Heisei 29
· Crowdfunding second project target achieved in Heisei 29
· Approval of the management reform plan in Heisei 29

■Home page for media

【Inquiries concerning this matter】
Company Name: Limited Liability Company Out World
Contact name: Okamura Atsushi
TEL: 072-722-0751