A joint company outworld (location: Osaka Prefecture Minoh City, representative employee: Atsushi Okamura), who is engaged in planning, manufacturing and selling of fashionable loincloth, has been working on cloudfunding Kibidango (Kibidango) since April 1 to develop the ultimate short- We are looking for assistance at.


 A joint company Outworld (location: Osaka Prefecture Minoh City, representative employee: Atsushi Okamura), who is engaged in the planning, manufacturing and sales of fashionable loincloths, said, “From April 1st, we will not tighten and make women beautiful.The ultimate footwear shorts” Jolie Lapin “Project” started at the cloud funding service Kibidango (Kibidogo).
● Do not tighten, make a woman beautiful. The ultimate footwear shorts “Jolie Lapin”
Duration: From 12:00 on April 1 to May 15 at 11: 59

【What is Cloud Funding?】
Cloud Funding is a method of collecting funds widely from supporters who have sympathized through the Internet by drafters (people and organizations) with ideas and projects.
【Details of Project】
As for the loincloth, it is said that it is effective for coldness and edema (swelling) because it improves the flow of blood circulation and lymph without tightening by the rubber, and it becomes a quiet boom among women as inner which is perfect for relaxation time It is.
A manager Okamura Aya wants to convey the merit of loincloth to more women from experiences of his own improved physical condition by loincloth! And from the usual I want to make products that can be worn without resistance! Think of it, we are planning a shorts type loincloth.
This time, we further improved “Stretch Lace Footpants Shorts” which was nominated for a good award for a body of the magazine “anan”, with no tightening, it is the ultimate footwear shorts “Jolie Lapin” that makes women beautiful only by wearing I am developing it.
The target amount is 450,000 yen, and we will deliver it earlier than anywhere earlier in early July if we achieve it.
For detailed information on the project and how to apply please see the following page.
● Cloud Funding Kibidango (Kibidango) Project Page

 In the general public, if you say loincloth, there is an image of “older men ‘s,” but in reality it is a new underwear approaching female beauty and health. I would like to have more interest in as many people as possible, and we have released this time.
【What is fashionable loincloth specialty shop sepieces】
Sea Pieces sells items that are friendly to women’s body-wearers such as cloth napkins and loincloths to the concept of “peace close to life”. We sell more than 15,000 loincloths only at our own internet shop, we also do wholesale to department stores and specialty shops.
【Store Overview】
Company Name: Limited Liability Company Out World
Shop name: Fashionable Loinchi Specialty Sheepeace (Sea Piece)
Establishment: November 2016 (founded: March 2014)
Representative: Atsushi Okamura
Business description: Planning, manufacturing and sale of fashionable loincloth
Head Office Address: 2-3-12 Kayano, Minoh City, Osaka Prefecture 562-0014

【Inquiries concerning this matter】
Company Name: Limited Liability Company Out World
Contact name: Okamura Atsushi
TEL: 072-722-0751