Peacefully close to life

Stay close at everyday life,
I would like to have a comfortable day. Seapyce follows the culture and tradition of Japan, while keeping close to modern life, we will explore and support products and services so that we can provide a happy moment.

Commitment of SHEEPEACE

We are planning and manufacturing ourselves at Seapius, we are consistently doing sales mainly focusing on net shops.

Attention to materials

Because it is directly hitting delicate parts, I stuck to the fabric. The double gauze used in sea piece is also good absorbency, preeminent touch.
It is a double gauze made in Japan that you can use with peace of mind even for people with weak skin. We mainly care about the other safe and secure materials centering on fabrics for inner dedicated items.

Careful sewing

are sewing sewing one by one in the domestic sewing factory. Because it is a simple but craftsman’s sticking and technology packed one, you can patronize forever with a solid quality.

Fashionable design that I can not think of as a loincloth

While maintaining the quality of the fabric, we develop various colors and prints and regularly propose new designs as well. We also have many shorts that match the style and scene so that people of the shorts type and handmade packed with creators’ preferences can challenge for the first time without resistance.

We value customer’s voice

Since we are doing consistently from production to sales, we can reflect customer’s opinions directly to the product. Most of our popular items were developed under customer reviews.
If you have any questions or concerns about the product, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sheepeace birth privacy story

Nice to meet you, AYA store manager. It was the first time for me to try lovers for the first time in the spring of 2014, the owner’s owner advocated saying “Lingerie seems good to the body!”
At the beginning I was also strongly reluctant to say “Footstraps like that!” I kept refusing.
Back then, I was cold and swollen in my legs, I just hurt by lightly pushing it, I was drawn to the word “It seems to be effective in improving” and I was wearing it as “only once …” I remember it.
The next morning somehow my feet were warmer than usual, I felt light.
Is it due to mind? I also thought that if this foot slackness could be improved even a little! I became interested and continued wearing a loincloth only for a couple of days when I slept at night … How a week later my feet became shaky and the swelling that hurt so much pulled. “No wonder the troubles of many years will be improved with such simple things!”

From that point, I thought that this experience should be felt by men rather than men, planned and developed women as much as possible to resist feeling, opened sea piece.

By the way, “Sheepeace” is a coined word that combines “Sheep” and “peace”, and imagines “peaceful sleep”. From now on we will continue to develop various products and services to the concept of “peacefully close to life” concept.
By all means, do not be shy Please try “first loincloth♪

customer’s voice

I will introduce you by extracting the voice of the customer who got it at the shop.

Impact of the name of loincloth is strong, but it looks very ordinary shorts.
It was very open so I could relax because there was no tightening feeling.
I want to patronize from now on.
There is no tightening and a comfortable use feeling. Summer seems to be more comfortable to wear.
I thought that it was convenient to attach and detach it as it was tied, if the part of the cord was a little stretchy fabric.
Next time I will make it a daily type!
I used to wear loincloths of double gauze before. (Of other stores)
The gauze was breathless and inseparable, I bought this because the comfort was somehow one way.
I have not worn it yet, but this looks good. If you wear loincloth you can be light and stress free, but it looks good here if it is everyday use.
I bought it for the first time.
It looks great, first, I was surprised, but I feel good when wearing it, very easy to wear. Color, pattern is also cute.
Delivery was also fast, packing was also polite, it was good.
I would like to purchase again.
I bought a type that I can not connect. So, the discomfort is zero. Breathability is good, it is comfortable released from feeling of tightening.
I did not purchase a panty liner included, so I ordered it earlier.
Those who are new for the first time, it is also recommended that those that became a set.
There are various loincloth pants, but I like the durability of the fabric and polite sewing.
This time I bought it for a gift to a friend with a product in the groin area.
I did not like very much the tightening of underwear from before and my stomach became bigger as I got pregnant, so I tried to purchase a loincloth recommended for my sister “It’s really easy”.
It’s amazingly comfortable.
It is still 2nd day to wear, so I feel a little uncomfortable, but I did not think there was no tightening so comfortable.
The pattern is also cute, I think that it is also not odd that it looks so much even if you wear it!
I was wearing Echinfushiba only when I was asleep. Because I am very comfortable, I want to be a lingerie day off on the day off, but the toilet is troublesome during the day, if it is denim, the front gets tougher · · · If I was looking for a wash as well, so I thought that the handle was so cute I bought this one.
It was my first time to have it, but it looks almost like a honey bread.
In this case you can use a cloth napkin, and the time to be able to be in a loincloth has increased.
Once you have come, you can not return to the pants anymore comfort.
Lonely, it is recommended.
This shop was the first time I could find a pair of pants-like loincloth pants.
The way to ship and how packing is done also keeps the mind full and I am very happy when it arrives at hand.
Although it is shorts, there is no feeling of tightening, it is easy to wear as if not wearing it. Although it is cold and cold in the lower abdomen if it is an ordinary shorts, this shorts will not get cold. Recommended ♪
I did it today! I was glad and wore it immediately, but it is true! It is enough to forget what you are wearing!
If you wear this, you will not be able to wear your underwear!
I feel that I feel like I do not wear ~.
It is comfortable with a very light feeling.
I will continue for a while in hopes that there will be a positive impact on my physical disorder.
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