Message from the President

Our company is a little strange company that manufactures and sells “Fukushima” based on the concept of “peace close to life”.

It was spring 2015 that I met a loincloth. In the few days I solved what my wife was suffering for many years as a result of a chance to play lingerie.
When I went to bed at night, I just changed my usual underwear to a loincloth.

The underwear is stiff.
This concept was “natural” too, and I noticed that there were many things that I had overlooked.
If you ask “loincloth”, there will be more people who still stand up.

We created new options for such customers, aiming to develop and improve products and improve services, as well as to promote the development and improvement of craftsmanship in this way so that the concept of “slightly changed” becomes “commonplace” I will.

Moreover, we will expand the market not only in Japan, but also overseas, and will provide comfort that is close to the lives of many people.

Companies Out World
Representative Atsushi Okamura

Company Profile

Company name Companies Out World
location 2-3-12 Kayano, Minoh-shi, Osaka
Representative Atsushi Okamura
March 1, 2014 · November 1, 2017
Capital 1 million yen
Planning, manufacturing, wholesale and sales of underwear (mainly loincloth)
Suppliers Sogou · Seibu Co., Ltd. Hakuto Corporation Tokyu Hands
Bank North Osaka Shinkin Bank, Kyoto Bank, Rakuten Bank
Director of the e-Commerce Business Association (as of March 2017)
Minoo Chamber of Commerce and Industry Board members Board member (as of March 2017)
CEO Atsushi Okamura


March 2014 Out World founded
July 2014 Investment fund procurement of the loincloth business at cloud funding
November 2014 Sheepeace® open for specialty store
July 2015 Adoption of Heisei 22 FY2010 Small Scale Business Sustainability Grant – adoption “Improvement of fashionable loincloth brand image and package revision” adopted
October 2016 Osaka Region Creation Fund, Heisei 28

“Distribution of textiles from the surface to the world! Development and development of sales channels for overseas” Footshind “adopted
November 2016 Established a corporation Out-world
March 2017 Second supplementary budget for FY2008 Small-scale business subsidy subsidy
“Package development and development of best-selling loincloth for casual gifts” adopted
May 2017 Do not tighten, make a woman beautiful. The ultimate footwear shorts “Jolie Lapin”

Crowdfunding project goal achieved
September 2017 Osaka Prefecture Management Innovation Plan
Approved “Planning and development of women’s shorts with high design without tightening”
November 2014 Sheepeace® open for specialty store

Access · MAP

2-3-12 Kayano, Minoh-shi, Osaka
3 minutes on foot from Chisato-chuo station on the Midosuji line, get off at “Kayano Elementary School” by Hankyu bus
If you come by car, there is a parking lot so please contact us before coming to the office.
※ It will be an office. Please do not sell on face to face etc.

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