A joint company outworld (location: Osaka Minoh City, Representative Director: Atsushi Okamura), which deals with planning, manufacturing and selling of fashionable loincloth, has launched “TIRIMEN Futoshi Series” of Japanese taste.

We launched the “Chirimen Futoshi Series” as related products of “Fujisa’s development and sales channel development” business for overseas, which was launched in the Osaka Regional Creation Fund in FY2009. It was.

【Outline of products and services】
“Chirimen Futoshi Series” is a new loveless of Japanese taste feels Japanese culture. I used a Japanese pattern crepe fabric for points and finished it with a design that can be enjoyed not only by overseas but also by Japanese people.
For the part directly hitting the skin, I made a double gauze made in Japan, I also stuck to the feeling of wearing

Chiffon Echidnapping (Men’s)


Chirimen Elephant (Women’s)


<3 Features>
1: Chirimen fabric which you can experience Japanese culture
It is Japanese old-fashioned Japanese taste crepe, colorful and fashionable finish.

2: Made in Japan carefully selected skin-friendly materials
It was made in Japan and sticking to domestic production. It is also recommended for those who are suffering from weak skin and atopy.

3: Full-fledged loincloth made by a specialty shop
We planned and produced on experience and technology as a specialty shop. It is a high-quality, comfortable full-fledged loincloth.

【Handling store】
■ Online Shop Fashionable Loinchi Specialty Store Seapiece (http://sheepeace.com/)
■ Seibu Shibuya store, Sogo Yokohama store “Futsi Paradise” (period: January 31 – February 14)
■ Select shop within the Kansai Airport terminal shop “Region Style”

【Osaka Regional Creation Fund】
The Osaka Regional Creation Fund is a system that subsidizes part of commercialization expenses to small and medium-sized enterprises who challenge new businesses that make use of regional resources, such as regional products, technology, human resources, history and culture. The joint company Out World was adopted at the “Fiber town spreading from the texture of the textile to the world! Development for the overseas and development of sales channels”.

【February 14th is the day of loincloth】
It is an ancient Japanese culture, “traditional underwear” “loincloth”. The Japan Fukushi Association established as a general association for the purpose of promoting its popularization and raising the understanding and interests of people’s loins. Dates are 2 and 14, and from the pun’s to read “Fudeoshi”. Since it is the same day as Valentine’s Day, we also propose to give men “Fukushi” to men.
Sogo · Seibu holds a sale event as “Fundamental Paradise” until February 14. This item has been sent to both stores in Seibu Shibuya store, Sogo Yokohama store.

[Future Prospects]
We will repeat the product upgrade with reference to customer’s voice and aim to expand handled stores. Sales are not restricted to Japan, and we are also active in overseas.

【Outline of Fashionable Fukushi Specialty Store Seapyce】
Company Name: Limited Liability Company Out World
Establishment: November 2016 (founded: March 2014)
Representative: Atsushi Okamura
Business description: Planning, manufacturing and sale of fashionable loincloth
Head Office Address: 2-3-12 Kayano, Minoh City, Osaka Prefecture 562-0014
URL: http: //sheepeace.com/

【Inquiries concerning this matter】
Company Name: Limited Liability Company Out World
Contact name: Okamura Atsushi
TEL: 072-722-0751
Email: okamura@out-world.net